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Jazzy Berlin On Tour | „Straight To The Top“

Jazzy Berlin On Tour
Wednesday 21.03.18

>< I know I'm never gonna stop Until I know, I know I'm wild and free Hey, I'm going straight up to the top And if you know me, you know what I mean I can't let ol' Mister Sorrow try and pull me down I live for tomorrow, I have found you I'm going straight to the top, whoa I'm going up where the air is fresh and clean Yeah, whoa - Tom Waits Jazzy Berlin is touring their city in 2018 - a group of musicians is joining the Jazzy Berlin Bandstand to explore Berlin and spread their vision of Jazz across the field - from backrooms to front rows, from rooftops to basements.Sharp, Deep, Jazzy. The Bandstand: Eyal Lovett (Eyal Lovett music / Eyal Lovett Trio) | Piano Avi Albers Ben Chamo (Jazzy Berlin) | Double Bass Yatziv Caspi | Drums Special Guest: tba. - After the first set, the stage will be open for the Jazzy Berlin Jam session! - Before, Inbetween, After: selcetd sounds, music and records nordin (Leave me to my fairy tale) Adrian VOM HOVE (ElecdroneS) ><