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Night Travel on a Blanket – Paul Arambula (Live) Welia Misonica

Night Travel on a Blanket Show exists since two years already, first in the form of a Radio Show (since a year on LYL Radio), and then physically as an event series taking place in Neukölln, between the Shrippe Hawaï and the Klunkerkranich. The idea behind this series is to offer to the listeners musical narrations related to books and space-time to lie down, meditate and sometimes, even dance.

For this edition, the Night Travel on a Blanket Show is pleased to invite Paul Arámbula for a live show of weird synth-pop full of romances. As well expected are Welia and Misonica, two djanes filled of magic and dreams, imported from Vienna. Welia offered two months ago a one hour of travel for the radio show. Misonica is one of the figure behind the collective named femdex, supporting and promoting female artists.
Low Bat, running the Night Travel, will be accompanied by one of his favorite local thugs, Frans Ambient, running the label Kashual Plastik.

Paul Arámbula (live)



Frans Ambient

Low Bat