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Sueños de Atahualpa // Olivier Gobelet // Kull & Kleinholz

A dream, a dance, a dive into the unknown.

Frian Bantana’s first foray into live musical performance sees him donning the cloak of Sueños de Atahualpa and manipulating analogue MPC samples and digital effects, interwoven with the poetics of Payador Perseguido by Atahualpa Yupanqui.

Additional apparitions supplied by one-man Wunderkabinett Olivier Gobelet from tape label Tumûltes and Polychrome’s Piet Kleinholz B2B Kull from TROPFEN.

Sueños de Atahualpa LIVE (Marla Records)

Olivier Gobelet (Tumûltes)


Piet Kleinholz (Spatzhabibi)