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Private Records Italo Disco Cosmic Night

Private Records | 12.September | Klunkerkranich

2 new Private Records vinyl releases are more than enough reasons for a new Italo Disco Cosmic party.

Alpha Orion (1984) and R.E.K. (1983). The 2 classic minimal synth productions by Frithjof Krepp. Vocals by R.E.K.
A cosmic journey including telepathic contacts with alien spirits and the story about a higher universal system.

Retro Italo Disco Rare Groove Stage:

Chrisse Kunst (Stil Vor Talent)
Coco Maria (I Dream Of Piranhas)
Jay (Private Records)
Marina Key (Danzig)
Hank Clap (Automaticamore) & Ilja (Cmd Tulch)

Future Stage:

Jing Lekker (Taiwan)
Peach Onfuse (Wakame Stream/Tokyo)