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Jazzy Berlin – Sunday Sunset Jam

Jazzy Berlin | 23.September | Klunkerkranich

A Jazzy purple
sunset Ride

Jazzy Bandstand from 6 to 10 pm
DJs: Stella Zekri& White Lie before and after
Entry – 3-5€

something else

One day in January a friend of mine wanted to show me one of the hippest places to be in Berlin. Some kind of street food market in a club area, she said, „and something with Jazz. I thought you might like it”.

Nothing seemed to fit

Once I arrived at the old ramshackle building, I felt like a five year old in a toy store. I didn’t know where to look first. I was entering a huge hall, that combined the Berlin charm of not being pretty and perfect with stylish shabby food stalls and straight electro beats. Nothing seemed to fit together, nevertheless everything made sense, which made this place so special. I just wanted to absorb every detail of this room. And then without expecting further surprises, we entered the Jazz room at the very end of the building.

“Something with Jazz. I thought you might like it” – I am a music addict, I confess. My friends know that. I listen to all kinds of music, if I could every hour of the day.

I’m not your Jazz girl

Nevertheless Jazz somehow has never been so accessible to me before. Since that day I visited the Jazzy Berlin Jam almost every friday. I was asking myself, so do I like Jazz now? Am I a new fan? Or is something else pulling me to this Jazz Life? The answer is yes, it’s something else. Sabrina Hoppmann

Jazzy additional dates:

Hat Bar Jazz Club – Jam 18.09 21.00
19.09.18 Gretchen Club – Jam 20.00 Join
20.09 The Butcher – Unamped 20.30
23.09 Klunkerkranich Sunday – Jam 18.00
03.10 Gretchen Club – Jam 20.00

Night ride.