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Jazzy Berlin | A Live Jazz Act – At Klunkerkranich House

Jazzy Berlin & Jazzy Berlin Jam session | 27. Dezember

to close a wonderful year and before a new fresh things
to come on 2019, we all meet for a live jazz jam act.

R u Ready.

The Jazzy Berlin Bandstand * live
bass. Avi Albers ben chamo
drums. Benjamin straus
Keys. Doron segal
Special guest. El Congo Aleen. trumpet

DJ Vai from 16.00 – Albersito with home records
Ilo Pan


A Live Jazz Act by Jazzy Berlin


Hinter den Alpen:
Jazzanova DJ’s @ In Between The Years: Jazzanova & Friends


≈ Wohnzimmer 3-5€ ≈

Jazzy Berlin Community