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From Addis To Berlin: Etenesh Wassie & M.Sourisseau & S.Bacquias

Live: Etenesh Wassie & Mathieu Sourisseau & Sébastien Bacquias | 17.Juni | Klunkerkranich

Ethio-French Blues&Bass

Etenesh Wassie is an adventurer. With her outstanding personality, she is ready to embark on the wildest projects. And this is what she is doing with Mathieu Sourisseau and Sébastien Bacquias since decades. Etenesh started performing in the Azmaribeth Cabarets of Addis Ababa/Ethiopia. The mutual empathy between her powerfully resonant voice and Sourisseau´s inventive conctructions on his acoustic bass guitar. merging contemporary energies from jazz to punk with Wassie´s in-depth knowledge of the wide heritage of ethiopian blues&jazz, has sustained them on a long musical journey, creating an original expressive plattform. We´re so stoked to stage this on our rooftop!

Support&Aftershow: DJs

Live at Womex