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Something Slow with Afterhour Sounds

Something Slow wanted to show appreciation to a long time inspiration of ours ? Afterhour Sounds ? so we invited them to bring their #slowmusicians together for a Saturday night in Berlin.

As winter starts defrosting and the sun stays in the sky for longer, we’ll be doing some #slowdancing to some favourite Afterhour Sounds artists. There’ll be yummy food from available until 9pm as well as our #slowmassage crew up at our favourite rooftop venue ? Klunkerkranich ?

Klunkerkranich got itself a chic dance space last year, which is called „Hinter den Alpen“ – this is where the #slow kids get grooving ? down in the bar area, we have the highest quality #slow sounds to accompany your armchair chats and hot drinks
(mit oder ohne Schuss ? )


Down in the bar

20 – 22 Uhr
Gina Sabatini (Afterhour Sounds / Love Foundation)

22 – 00 Uhr
Arkadiusz (Afterhour Sounds)

00 – 02 Uhr
Mattmosphere (Drosssel)

Up on the dance floor, Hinter den Alpen

18 – 20 Uhr

20 – 22 Uhr
Tony Casanova (Afterhour Sounds/ Station Endlos)

22 – 00 Uhr
Chrystal Chris (Kybele)

00 – 02 Uhr
Sonnensysteme (Station Endlos)

THANK YOU Deep Art for your graphic work – we l<3ve