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Japanese 60s-80s Music (Pop VS Underground)

Plattentresen | 8.Mai | Klunkerkranich

DJ ONONiiONIONIION & DJ Tommi (Group A) presents
Showa Kayo vs Showa Underground!!

We will spin only Japanese pop/underground music from 60-80s such as Group Sounds, Mood Kayo, Idles, Anime, Rock, City Pop, Folk, Techno Pop, Enka etc on vinyls, and Tommi will bring Experimental electronics,New Wave,Dark Wave and Post-Punk!

w/DJ Ononiionioniion / Showa Kayo 60-80s Japanese Pop Vinyls,Tommi Tokyo from Group A

<DJ ONONiiONIONIION>aka Taishi Nagasaka, is an only 1 Japanese Japan Pop Vinyl DJ in Europe,,,. He started his monthly 60-80s Japanese Pop Music Event / PopUp Record shop in late 2017 n Berlin for people to be interested in something different comfortably,,,, especially to enjoy himself. His Japanese events are held 2 times a month at bars in Berlin,especially Oblomov and IPA bar (regular) in Neukoelln, Berlin since Dec 2017, the Pure Japanese nights and mixture night between Japan and another country (ex,Indonesia,Turkey,Germany,Greece,Korea etc) It earned lots of interests from people,, Now he also has a night Japanese Food & Japanese Music at the new turkish venue calle Arkaoda.

He has been through world music experimental,rock and children music etc. He is also an instrument player, he plays the bass in Fat White Family (UK), and in Berlin he has 2 of his ownbands, Cozmik Onion Express (Analog Drum Trigger) and with Max from Isolaton Berlin, Jaguar NoMe (Japanese Psych Pop & Dance Music for old people). He has collaborated/played with John Cale (Velvet Underground), Iggor Cavalera (sepultura), Isolation Berlin, Bo Ningen, Flamingods,Group A, Camera, Sclupture, Hibiki Ichikawa (Japanese Traditional Instrument Shamisen player) and others.

<DJ Tommi> (Group A)
Japanese experimental electronic duo group A – Tommi Tokyo (synthesizers, drum machines and vocals) and Sayaka Botanic (violin and sampler) – started as a performing arts experimental noise trio in early 2012 in Tokyo with a third member, but soon became more focusing on sound and live visuals. The duo have put forth three self-produced/released albums, one of which has been released on vinyl by Mecanica Records, and are readying a new 12&quot; single coming out on Mannequin Records in autumn 2017. group A’s approach to DJing is similar to how they make music; creating and mixing completely different sounds and juxtaposing Tommi and Sayaka’s contrasting tastes. Their unique palette of sounds combines industrial/minimal synth/rhythmic noise with contemporary classical music and soundtracks from 60-80’s films.