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Konzert: Görkem Sen & Hogir | Yaybahar

We are very happy to be able to host a concert of
Görkem Şen & Hogir Göregen featuring Görkem’s self built instrument „Yaybahar“ and additional percussions by the berlin-based percussionist Hogir Göregen.

Görkem Şen (Istanbul)

Hogir Göregen (Berlin / Istanbul)


The Yaybahar is an acoustic instrument – built and developed by Görkem Şen – which is using the phenomena of resonance the create synthesizer like, spacious, alien sounds that are deeply reverberating though the air. The video of the „Yaybahar“ went viral on the internet and left people stunned by the possibilities of acoustic sound creation.

Concerts starts sharp: 21:00

Klunkerkranich Wohnzimmer