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Cintas Elefandes Showcase

Cintas Elefandes | 30.November | Klunkerkranich


DJ Qrichi
DJ Phidias
Coco Maria

Cintas Elefandes – a Berlin/Barcelona based memory machine that collects music and sounds from the immediate and ancestral past exclusively in cassette format.

To celebrate our fourth release by Mexican queen of elegance Coco Maria (I dream of Piranhas) we have gathered together our little bunch of Latin birds to take flight from the rooftop of Berlin at Projekt Klunkerkranich. Plenty of music in vintage formats available. Show up to collect that one christmas present that make ears go orale!


– DJ Qrichi (Peru, Elefandes 001)
– DJ Phidias ( Venezuela, Elefandes 002)
– Coco Maria (Mexico, Elefandes 004)

With shoutouts to Quixosis (Ecuador, Elefandes 003)

.CintaS ElefandeS. Latin American artworx with hidden treasures inside