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Berlin Sessions

We welcome you to 2018’s last edition of Berlin Sessions’ residency at Berlin’s most beautiful rooftop: Klunkerkranich!
For more than four years now, Berlin Sessions X Klunkerkranich stands for high-quality live acts from Berlin, trying to shed some light upon all the various talents this town has to offer.

This time, we welcome two bands who are not only fantastic artists, but became great friends after their earlier performances. So we are more than happy to welcome them for our little christmas party: Sultans Court have left the whole Klunkerkranich dancing with their Hip-Hop infused Indie-Electronica when they performed back in March and HYMMJ have always stepped it up a notch when they played for us – so get ready for a truly unique mixture of Indie-Rock and Dark Disco.

It’s music with a view. We welcome you for drinks, good music and a spectacular view all over this beautiful town!

Our friends from Bulleit will join us again this time, providing homemade bourbon ice tea straight from the jar.*

HYMMJ combine modern Indie-Rock and New Wave as well as not many others in this city. Their heterogenous sound doesn’t abide to temporal or stylistic standards, but offers a modern, yet nostalgic approach: Dry guitar riffs burst through atmospheric sound collages again and again; Catchy vocals hover above dynamic and melodic basslines, while rigid and virtuosic Synthesizer interact with powerful drum beats.

„Magnetic Heart“ (Live):

Sultans Court
Mixing Turkish plucked and bowed instruments with Bass Music and Alt-J’s nonchalance, Sultans Court have developed a completely unique style. The duo, who have not released anything besides a few snippets of their first EP, first met on their way to Dockville Festival in 2014 – and they stuck together ever since. Live, they will be accompanied by Livedrums and Synthesizers for a sound, that will truly shake your bones.

„Multicore EP“ (Snippets):

16:00 – 21:00: DJ Pony (Raised on Robbery)
21:00 – late: Monokid (Klunkerkranich)


Wed., December 5 at Klunkerkranich

///////// times:
16:00 // doors
18:30 // concerts start
late // end

///////// admission – doors only:
16:00 – 18:00 // 3€
18:00 – 21:00 // 5€
21:00 – late // 3€

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♥ We are really looking forward to enjoy this very special night with you ♥ Please don’t forget to be early as there is just space for approx. 600 people due to security restrictions: First come – first serve! ♥

*Werbeanzeige da Markennennung