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Music from Korea, Indonesia, Japan (the Asian Triangle)

DJ ONONiiONIONIION’s monthly Interenational Pop Event!
The last day of Klunker before the Winter break! Asian santa will bring pop music from the Asian triangle, Japan-Korea-Indonesia!!I Invited an Berlin based artist Samin Son and Indonesian-German princess Balthazar Conrad is back!!

of course well have DJ ONONiiONIONIION play Classic Japanese Schlager on vinyls.

aka Taishi Nagasaka, is a Berlin based classic J-Pop DJ/musician/Event organiser,who has been through world music, experimental music etc.He is currently playing as Jaguar No Me, Cozmik Onion Express, Camera, Iwazu Mo Gana. He was a bass player of Fat White Family, and has shared stage with John Cale, Iggor Cavalera, Bo Ningen, Flamingods, Group A, Camera, Sclupture, Hibiki Ichikawa as different projects.

<Samin Son>

<Balthazar Conrad>