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Acid Shamploon – Moon Gear * Live, ML, Friend of a Friend & more

Acid Shamploon #01 | Klunkerkranich | 27. März 2019

Neta Polturak presents Moon Gear (Baby Satan Records)
ML (NTS Radio)
Friend of a Friend (KellerCrackers / Hi Point Low Life)
Vincent Manfuoco (Marmo Music / Acid Shampoo)

Marmo Music presents a new event series inspired by “Acid Shampoo”, the monthly program on Cashmere Radio presented by Vincent Manfuoco, focusing on psychedelic music adventures. ACID SHAMPLOON inaugurates on March the 27th with concerts by Moon Gear and a special guest.

Moon Gear is a project conceived by the eccentric songwriter and musician Neta Polturak with the assistance of producer Eilon Elikam. The concept is enriched and completed by the involvement of Eleni Poulou (The Fall, Nohe Noshe) on bass guitar and Sophie Labrey (The Undertones, TriggerFinger) on drums. The three form an explosive performing outfit : cosmic overwhelming and seductive bass lines, ethereal yet motoric drumming and the flippant charisma of Neta Polturak, singing ballads with her decadent breezy voice while playing psych-wave dream-like guitar riffs. The whole results into a perfectly tuned and executed dream-pop pointing straight to your heart, leaving no space other than to emotions!

The band is fresh of debut album, the self-titled “Moon Gear”, out now on Baby Satan Records.

Further sonic enchantment and dance-floor dynamics to be provided by the records of NTS radio wizard ML, Keller Crackers`s Friend Of a Friend and Marmo head Vincent Manfuoco.

from 4pm
Concert 9pm

≈ Wohnzimmer ≈ 3-5€ ≈