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Japanism – Pop,Psych,Experimental + Butoh w/ Iwazu mo Gana live

International Pop Music special, Japanese Night in Klunkerkranich!
This month,a bit different! Its is going be mixture of J-classic Pops, J-Psych, J-New Music, Butoh with Iwazu Mo Gana show!

All music are Japanese and the Musical Dance performance by Berlin based Japanese performers!! And Special DJ Kazuo Tsubouchi from Sundays & Cybele/シベールの日曜日 for Japanese psychdelic music, and Chika Takahashi for Japanese new music!

<云わずもがな / Iwazu Mo Gana> (Experimental,Arabic,Butoh/JP)
Its started inn Berlin, 2014 as an experiments to mix Traditional and Experimental performance by Taishi Nagasaka(DJ ONONiiONIONIION,Jaguar No Me,,Cozmik Onion Express,ex-Fat White Family), Kiyoshi Fujikawa (Tau,Fujin Raijin).Taishi sings non word melodies and manipulates/triggers the Djambe with his analog synths,and Kiyoshi plays a soulful Djambe.They have invited Berlin based Michiyasu Furutani(ex-Shibusa Shirazu,Butoh),Hibiki Ishikawa(Tsugaru Shamisen) and Daiyoshi Kizan(Shakuhachi Master). This time, they will invite a Butoh dancer, Shimo (ex-Shibusa Shirazu) ,Shingo Ali Masuda (Qanun,arabic instrument).

<Sundays & Cybele/シベールの日曜日(DJ set)>
Kazuo Tsubochi is lead guitarist and vocalist of the japanese rock band Sundays & Cybele, founded in Japan in 2004. The band toured through Europe several times and its dreamy sound fascinated people in many places. Releases from Guruguru Brain

<Chika Takahashi(DJ set)>
A performance artist, singer and all-around huge stage presence from Japan. In her short time in Berlin, Chika has already hosted some of the city’s most reknowned karaoke events and has become a vital and prominent member of performance group, Bad Bruises (The House of Red Doors).

aka Taishi Nagasaka, is a Berlin based classic J-Pop Vinyl collector/DJ/musician/Event organiser,who has been through world music, experimental music etc. He has his own bands in Berlin, Jaguar No Me, Iwazu Mo Gana, Cozmik Onion Express etc.