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Mash Banger#5 Charles Sammons Cello & Tom Page Drums


Mi. 22.05.19 // 18H – 0H

For this installment of Mash Banger
we bring together a genre bending group of musicians,
selectors and audio specialists to collaborate and experiment
for your sonic pleasure!


Charles Sammons improv Cello & Bass

Tom Page drums and electronics
Between his ongoing work with James Holden, The Memory Band and RocketNumberNine Tom is working on developing his solo work combining drums, percussion and electronics in an improvised setting. He will open the night with this work in progress.

Later in the evening Charles and Tom will join together for a first time collaboration of improvised drums, cello, bass and electronics.


Sigourney Skywalker (Cashmere Radio)

ixelonkoordinate (Biesentales)

connecting the dots

dotty promotions