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Konzert – DITZ *live, DJ Assface, Anna Bolena, Vamilienfa†er

Konzerte am Samstag | 01. Juni 2019 | Klunkerkranich

» DITZ * live
+ support

» DJ Assface (Dawn of the Dance)
» Anna Bolena aka FCK VYNYL (Buttons / Idroscalo Dischi)
» Vamilienfa†er

Concerts from 20h

„DITZ are the best band in Brighton and probably the world!“
– Joe Talbot (IDLES)

We are more than happy to present you the ear-piercing, roof smashing trash grunge quintett DITZ live in the Wohnzimmer. Brightons freshest outlet of heavy guitars and a cutting edge stage performance hit Berlin and our beloved little shack up the shopping malls’s parking lot.

Music selection for the day comes from Dawn of the Dance head honcho DJ Assface, Ms. Anna Bolena with her „FCK VYNYL “ Project and host Vamilienfa†er.

Support act to be announced.

Shave The Dates.
Fake The Days.


» DITZ *live //
» DJ Assface // no clouds
» FCK VYNYL aka Anna Bolena //
» Vamilienfa†er //