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Konzert: Feater * Live / Augustine & Loa Mauna & Low Bat

Konzert: Feater | 24. Juni 2019 | Klunkerkranich


Feater * Live

Augustine (arkaoda Berlin)
Loa Mauna of Seven Sisters Muzik (Lustpoderosa)
Low Bat (Night Travel on a Blanket Show / arkaoda Berlin)


Sometimes, – despite today’s high-octane, fast-track and hyper-hysteric music business – you come across things that seem so pure, perfect and poetic that it almost hurts. „Socialo Blanco“ is one of these objects.

It appears understated at a first listen, startling at the second and totally enamouring by the third run. To lay it all out on the table: it sounds like a Music from Memory re-issue, looks like a Growing Bins Records discovery and feels like a flea-market-hippie-uncle-record-collection find.

Based on the language (coincidences and misbehaviour included) and direction of the classic EMS Synthi AKS and recorded by hand and directly to tape (no midi, no sync, no computer), it is at once out of time and out of touch with current sound aesthetics, but that only makes it even more contemporary (vintage) – like a great piece of furniture.

We are happy to welcome Feater Live in our Wohnzimmer, just before their show at Fusion Festival on Karl Kutter.

Selected Data & Vinyl from Augustine, Loa Mauna and Low Bat.


Feater * Live
Augustine //
Loa Mauna //
Low Bat //

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