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Sunset-Session mit Menachem 26 (Metanoia / Istanbul)

Menachem 26 | 24. Juli 2019 | Klunkerkranich


Menachem 26 (Metanoia / Istanbul)

Existing between the worlds first known continents Menachem’s ancestors been to Western Europe to Northen Africa & Middle East. In 1926, Menachem came to this life with all this inheritance and created a family in the middle of his ancient geography.

And this is what Menachem 26 is sharing: A legacy from a grandfather to a grandson.

We are happy to invite Menachem for one of our intimate Sunset-Sessions „Hinter den Alpen“.

Menachem 26 //

≈ Hinter den Alpen ≈ 3-5€ ≈