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Keyboard Knights feat. Stephen Paul Taylor n‘ Keyboard Feelings

Keyboard Knights | 18.August | Klunkerkranich

A night of Dirty Pop Keyboards

Performed by:

Stephen Paul Taylor
The Extroverted Street Performance King
*Apocalyptic Trash-Lust for Life*

Keyboard Feelings
The Introverted Indoor, Library-Music project of Seb Thieme
*Debut Performance*

DJ Jimmy Trash
Bought too much sick Vinyl this year to keep it a secret
*Finally out of the Camp, he wants to get naughty. PG13*

DJ Timur Üzela
If his set gets too hot, he can fix the record players and then keep going.
*Rarely performs as of late. Not to be Missed*

Wohnzimmer | 3-6 €