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Sichuan Tiki goes Klunkerkranich Rooftop

Sichuan Tiki at Klunkerkranich: It is subtropical, not tropical. It is Berlin’s coolest rooftop, not the beach. It is baijiu, not rum.

Let Ming River Baijiu Brand Ambassador Christian Wu introduce you to Sichuan Tiki, a creative fusion of Sichuan Baijiu and Tiki cocktail culture. Be amazed by our Tiki creations while enjoying the best view across Berlin.

In Sichuan people know how to relax and enjoy life. They enjoy fiery food alongside sweet, fruity baijiu that is right at home in a Mai Tai or Jungle Bird. The lovely Klunkerkranich team and Christian cannot wait to tickle your taste buds with the perfect sub-tropical drinks with a twist of Sichuan. Just made for summer in the city.

Tiki and China?
Chinese cuisine has long had a role in the tiki movement, and vice versa. Legendary tiki pioneers Donn Beach and Trader Vic both served mock-Polynesian food at their restaurants, which was usually just Cantonese food with a tropical twist, often prepared by Chinese-American chefs.

Many of the Chinese-American tiki-veterans borrowed aesthetic cues and drink recipes when they later opened their own restaurants. And when the initial tiki wave crested in the 1970s, Chinese restaurants became incubators for preserving the movement.

Now that tiki is resurgent, Ming River honors and modernizes the Chinese connection, by bringing authentic Sichuan baijiu and cuisine to tiki bars around the world.

So what is Sichuan Tiki?
Sichuan tiki combines design elements from Sichuan and tiki traditions. Rather than drink from mugs based on Polynesian totems, we use the colorful face-changing masks of Sichuan opera. It prefers bamboo shoots to palm trees, phoenixes to parrots, and mouth-watering southeastern Chinese specialties to their blander “Polynesian” alternatives.

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