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Konzert – Bitch Please

Konzert: Bitch Please | 3.September | Klunkerkranich

Bitch Please

A sister and brother band who catch up across the globe to tour, sample tequila, buy old people’s clothes, write, make shapes and crank sexay 90’s bangerz. Bitch Please grew up in a small country town on the northern tablelands of New South Wales learning Suzuki violin from their mum from around 3 years old. As they grew longer in the tooth and life took them to Berlin and Melbourne as professional musicians, they realized it was a sick idea to tour and write songs together, as they missed each other and it was deliriously easy after a whole lifetime of the biz.

Their sick vibes are equivalent to banging back a chunky line of wizz fizz cut with pop rocks and whipper. They be getting you so wired that you won’t sleep 4 weekz. Now they bring you smooth sultry bangers that make your head nod and booty pop all over the shop.


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