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Platen – tresen | Gazza, Bærnd Anders, Nathan Dawidowicz

Platen – Tresen | 19. September 2019 | Klunkerkranich

Bærnd Anders
Nathan Dawidowicz

Kosmische Sounds und Cosmic Disco, Leftfield Dance und weit-gefasster House – ein Plattentresen aus 1000 Plateaus. Plate Mate!


Bærnd Anders (Camp Cosmic / Wet Delights)

Bærnd Anders is a bit like a snorkeler at a secluded bay, on the bottom of which glittering diamonds of vinyl and initially inconspicuous-looking stones lie. It seems his favorite pastime is to distinguish one from the other, to perhaps to drag one of these pearls to land. In this light, he will send you on a journey to the borders of dance floor music, reaching from cosmic krautrock to electronic disco and everything between. He also is one of the headhonchos of the infamous Berlin disco collective ‚Wet Delights‘, shaking up Berlin with it´s Audio BBQ Open Airs, well executed Sunday parties and countless extended after hour sets all over the city.  –


GAZZA plays a mix of krauty, calming earth sounds and outer space dance records. A professional archivist in a never ending private music research with endless love for harmonies! –

Nathan Dawidowicz (JU/NA)

Italo/Israeli Disc Jockey, record collector and music producer. His research and taste are eclectic, moving between various shapes and incarnations of music and sounds with the goal to stimulate your senses, body and soul. –

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