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La Perrillada X Klunkerkranich

La Perrillada | 29.September | Klunkerkranich

Vello Público (Latin, Reggae, Rap) LIVE!

“ La Perillada“ welcomes you with a latin flavour, gathering together urban mixes from latin american music to electronic music. We are pleased to have a diverse program respresting the melting pot of cultures.


16h-19h: oscargvz (DJ)

19h-20h: Vello Público (Band)

Vello Público is the best example of the melting pot Berlin. Three young musicians from Peru, Chile and Brazil moved to Germany ́s capital, got to know each other and formed a band. Fat grooves, rocking guitars and a pinch of reggae forms the background for the political rap of the frontman Daniel. On Maledúcate Tour in Germany 2016 and 2017 (Album released by Berlin Label Flowfish), Vello Público have brought the audience to dance, including festivals such as OpenOhr or Micro!Festival but as support band from Molotov, Doctor Krapula or Monsieur Perine as well.

20h-23h: Juarés (DJ)

Berlin-based DJ & Producer diexx (diegsegs) has perfected his signature cross between the electronic sounds of his new home with those of his old one in Mexico, mixing them into imaginative sonic fabrics that are both hypnotic and mesmerizing.
Hailing from the Mexican capital, diexx has convinced crowds across Mexico and Europe with an eclectic mix that combines electronic grooves with world influences, fishes in obscure territories, and ends in a wild vortex of dance. diexx is at his best especially at small festivals and selected gigs. His selection has always been a pleasure, laying a percussive grooving flow underneath surprises from all over the world, and introducing strange synths and trippy drums galore.
diexx has been turning more and more heads lately, showcasing a very unique and unpredictable style haunted throughout by obscure rarities. They may be surprising and secluded, yet above all else they are always danceable.

23h-01h: DA MATTA (DJ)

DA MATTA is a Brazilian artist, club DJ, percussionist and live promoter and is a crucial filter and curator enabling the ’now‘ sound of Brazil to cross continents through his live booking agency and web radio platform BOSSA FM.

His DJ sets elevate, with one foot rooted in South American and black music culture, the other tapping to the electronic eccentricities local to the dancefloors of Europe. A self confessed vinyl addict, the tower of influence stems from both fresh and classic strands of boogie, disco, jazz, bossa soul and afro samba – blended and cut – often embued with electronic bleeps and bass designed squarely at the dancefloor.

Wohnzimmer | 3-5 €