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Konzert: Josiah Konder

Konzert: Josiah Konder | 20.Oktober | Klunkerkranich

Josiah Konder (20:00 – 21:30)
DJs – tba // before and after!

Josiah Konder is touring Europe this fall and we´re stoked to have him on the rooftop!

“Through the Stutter” is a run-on sentence distilled to its most visceral parts. As a follow up album to Josiah Konder’s minimalistic debut release, “Through the Stutter” is born from a
caricatured, overly romanticized sense of amore disperato. Lyrically, it seems to draw inspiration from the mysticism of E. E. Cummings, its sound reminiscent of Jorge Ben, whilst keeping its violent bursts intact.
The songs are essentialist, like a Bresson film; as though feeding on the energy of a romantic protagonist,
crooning from an apocalyptic place, long after the music stopped. So looking forward to see this on stage!


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