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Wolke7 – Album Release Concert

Wolke 7 Album Release | 17. November | Klunkerkranich

The WOLKE7 Debut Album tell the story of a young wizard apprentice, his emotions and experiences through the nature that surrounds him, the understanding of the laws of the universe and the development of his powerful essence.

The music is inspired by the rhythms of the Andes and Afrolatinos, is the land where our young magician grows and develops. A nature rich in sounds, colors, emotions, landscapes, healing plants and spiritual guides.

The songs show the steps of the discovery of magic, the way this young man connects spirituality with materiality becoming a creator.

After the concert, we will have the charming presence of Baby Vulture, a great space traveler, specially assembled to continue flying through the universe.


» Wolke7 *live
» Baby Vulture