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Marla Records mit Akatana, Ombossa & Damien K Sahri *live uvm.

Marla Records | 22.November | Klunkerkranich

Akatana, Ombossa & Damien K. Sahri *live
Dirty Lemon
Frian Bantana

For this evening, we have invited Marla Records to curate the line up in our Wohnzimmer. Marla records is a record shop – coop organization founded 4 years ago , currently growing into an evolving community of friends and like minded people.

The concert will be performed by a french collaborative group, that had put out one of our favorite records of the year,.
Myocarde LP from Akatana & Ombossa on Zu:hause records. Expect cinematic soundscapes, electronic finesse and delayed infused sequences with the participatory presence of Damien K. Sahri.

The first part of the evening, we will have the music of young spanish producer Alvaro Legartera aka Dirty Lemon from Panea records. He is a fundamental part of Marla, with a fresh approach to music and warm personality. This time with a downtempo selection.

For the second part, we will have Frian Bantana,
He has been part of Marla records since the beginning. Vinyl enthusiast, a regular of Berlin nightlife and a constant at the ambient floor of Garbicz Festival.
Mad, moody, streched out melancholic selections with a twist. We catch him this year at Fusion festival, fell under the spell of his music and had to invite him to play with us.


» Akatana, Ombossa & Damien K. Sahri *live //
» Dirty Lemon //
» Frian Bantana //