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Stream – Lusatia Festival – Chapter Two: Mollono Bass, Bonfante, Arne Schattenberg

Birdhouse presents: Lusatia 2020 – Digital Fundraiser Festival
w/ 3000Grad, Bucht der Träumer, Wilde Möhre Festival, Moyn Moyn Festival & Kiez Burn e.V.

◢ Lusatia 2020 is the first on-site digital festival, streaming sets from local and global talent over the next few months. Live stream crew Birdhouse and Lusatia Festival invited 5 festivals to represent both their music and struggle caused by the pandemic.

◢ Streaming dates:
Every Saturday from 6pm – 9pm (Berlin time) from 1st of August until the 3rd of October via Facebook, Youtube &

◢ As all festivals have been canceled, Lusatia and Birdhouse joined forces to create a special festival edition with the mission to draw attention to the situation caused by Covid-19. The 36-hour production was filmed on Wilde Möhre’s festival site in Drebkau (Brandenburg, Germany). 5 festivals were invited to send a delegation of their artists and create an immersive, virtual happening for you to enjoy and for the festivals to highlight their culture and campaigns. This project is produced and streamed throughout the next weeks by Birdhouse. Birdhouse presents: Lusatia 2020 is organized and produced by 100+ volunteers, providing long-lasting visibility to the festivals and artists in this very limiting time.

◢ More Infos:

◢ Initiators:
Lusatia, Birdhouse, Klunkerkranich, Wilde Möhre Festival & Tectum-raum&zeit filmgeräteverleih

◢ Festival partners:
3000Grad, Bucht der Träumer, Moyn Moyn Festival, Kiez Burn e.V.

◢ Broadcast Timetable:
▆ Chapter I – 01.08.2020:
6pm Mona Moore | 7pm Darin Epsilon | 8pm Annett Gapstream

▆ Chapter II – 08.08.2020:
6pm Bonfante | 7pm Mollono Bass | 8pm Arne Schattenberg

▆ Chapter III – 15.08.2020:
6pm Bonnie Ford | 7pm Barnabass | 8pm Matchy

▆ Chapter IV – 22.08.2020:
6pm Maka | 7pm Lampé | 8pm Intaktogene

▆ Chapter V – 29.08.2020:
6pm Marc DePulse | 7pm Yubik | 8pm Coramøøn

▆ Chapter VI – 05.09.2020:
6pm Daniele di Martino | 7pm Bebetta | 8pm Robin Schellenberg

▆ Chapter VII – 12.09.2020:
6pm Jacob Groening | 7pm Acado | 8pm Judith van Waterkant

▆ Chapter VIII – 19.09.2020:
6pm JAMIIE | 7pm Niko Schwind | 8pm Rauschhaus

▆ Chapter IX – 26.09.2020:
6pm Ilo Pan | 7pm Lisbird | 8pm Varuu | 9pm HOVR

▆ Chapter X – 03.10.2020:
6-9pm Kiez Burn e.V. Special
Bandit , Apollo Plastik b2b Ouhana, Farn feat. The Daisy Rapp, Kareless, Roko, Konchord, ft. Dada von Weis, Mika Amsterdam

◢ About Lusatia:
Lusatia is a newborn collaboration of experienced members devoted to Berlin’s thriving subculture, initiated by Klunkerkranich and Wilde Möhre Festival. Based in the Lausitz region of Brandenburg, Lusatia is aiming to turn visions of lasting value into reality in times of structural change, peaking in an annual festival gathering which will be held from summer 2021.

◢ About Birdhouse:
Birdhouse is a community-driven initiative for quality live streams, focusing on representing Berlin’s unique and diverse club culture. Birdhouse is enabled by a network of independent volunteers, including music enthusiasts from Berlin projects Klunkerkranich and Wilde Möhre Festival and film company Tectum.
Please like, subscribe and share this stream to help all participating festivals survive these difficult & uncertain times caused by Covid 19.

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