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STRANGER FUNK SUNDAY SERVICE w. Mates *live, Musikzeit, Julie Oneness, Soulski

Sonntag 26. Mai 2024, ab 16 Uhr

*Wohnzimmer ab 16 Uhr 


w. Mates *live, Musikzeit, Julia Oneness, Soulski

Soulski ist zurück mit einer weiteren Ausgabe von Sunday Service und bringt uns Sonntags Vibes der Extraklasse ins *Wohnzimmer. Die 6 köpfige Band Mates kommt zu uns in *Wohnzimmer und bring Jazz Fusion mit Ska, Funk, Hip-Hop und Swing Vibes mit. Julie Oneness vom Roots Daughters Soundsystem Kollektive bringt uns Reggae Music aller Styles und Era’s – von jazzy Kingston hin zu soulful Detroit and beyond. Refuge World Wide Resident Musikzeit aus Argentinien und Soulski runden das Programm ab.


Looking forward to another incarnation of Stranger Funk’s Sunday Services at Klunkerkranich. Stranger Funk is regular club night at various locations all over Berlin and we are super happy when Soulski, the mastermind behind all of this comes to Neukölln’s finest rooftop to serve Funk and soulful music.

Today we have a full program: “Mates”, a young 6 piece party Jazz fusion band from Berlin will play their debute on the rooftop. They will bring some really nice live action to our stage, combining music from various styles like Ska, Funk, Hip Hop and Swing music. They played recently at Sisyphos and made everyone dance, we promise they will do the same at Kranich. Get phonky!

A first timer at our rooftop is also Julie Oneness: As a founding member of the Berlin based Reggae Soundsystem and Collective Roots Daughters, Julie Oneness has established a versatile collection of musical gems on vinyl. Usually specializing in Reggae Music of all styles and era’s, this set will be different – taking you on a journey from jazzy Kingston, over soulful Detroit to funky Lagos & beyond.

With us is this time a Stranger Funk alumna, Musikzeit aka Julia, resident at Refuge Worldwide is a Berlin-based Argentinian DJ and designer. Her Latin American roots and traditions infuse her sound. Melodies vibrate with local rhythms from South America intermixed with Ambient, Dub, and electronic influences. She is a collector of organic sounds of nature. The result is a melodic journey crossing the Andes mountain range and through jungles like a condor flying into your headphones and onto the dance floor.

The night will be hosted by Soulski who will welcome you, play some tunes here and there and create the vibe we love so much and that makes Stranger Funk Sunday Sessions so unique.


Mates *live

Musikzeit [Refuge Worldwide]

Julie Oneness [Roots Daugthers]

Soulski [Stranger Funk]

Eintritt: 5-8€
Please note: the entrance is relative to to our daily program & your time of arrival.

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