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Hinter den Alpen – Jacob Meehan & Kathi * All Night Long

Hinter den Alpen | 24. Mai 2019 | Klunkerkranich


Jacob Meehan (Buttons ) // Berlin-Chicago
Kathi Kniess (POOF / TRAX ONLY) // Los Angeles-New Orleans


We’re more than happy to welcome Buttons Resident Jacob Meehan on our roof for the first time – alongside his friend Kathi from LA/New Orleans, he will bring us a Friday night full of the finest House-Music our little shed up the roof has witnessed in a while.

His sets are highly versatile arrangements from oldschool to Modern House with a strong focus on the Chicago Sound. Jacob is also one of the co-organizers of the WHOLE – United Queer Festival, which will take place for the second time in Ferropolis this summer.

Kathi is part of the POOF Collective in Los Angeles – her sound ranges from deep & melodic dance, to more broken grooves, with hint’s into drum&bass and Acid-Elektro, all strung together with a gentle touch of Electronica.

Don’t be square – be there.
See you on the floor.


Jacob Meehan //
Kathi Kniess //

≈ Hinter den Alpen ≈ 3-5€