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Jazzanova & Friends w/ Alex Barck, Jan Kinčl, Markus Tone

Jazzanova (DJ Set) & Friends | Mittwoch 02.10. | Klunkerkranich (HdA)

Jazzanova and its friends are very excited to climb the hill to Klunkerkranich’s Hinter den Alpen once again. Beside Jazzanova’s Alex Barck as the host, special guest – producer and DJ – Jan Kincl from Zagreb and local hero Markus Tone will join this round.


Alex Barck (Jazzanova)
Jan Kinčl (Cycle Zagreb)
Markus Tone (Wedding Soul)


Jazzanova is many things to many different people. For more than fifteen years the eclectic collective from Berlin has been busy producing, composing, arranging, remixing, DJing and generally shaping our musical world – in the clubs, on the air, in the studio, live on stage, and with their label Sonar Kollektiv. Their „very fertile musical world“ (Time Out New York), which does „light a musical tinderbox“ (The Face, UK), is „one of the best fusions of all the disparate elements of club music, yet“ (Straight No Chaser) and „has dominated the jazz-dance and down-tempo scenes for the past few years, both with its own label and with countless remixes“ (Pho- enix New Times). Ever changing and evolving, Jazzanova went from their early sampled and programmed productions, culminating in „In-Between“ (Jazzanova Compost Records – JCR025-2, 2002), via the „Belle Et Fou“-soundtrack (Sonar Kollektiv – SK111CD, 2007), which they recorded with a full orchestra plus band, to the singer-songwriter Soul of their album „Of All The Things“ (Univer- sal, 2008). For the past three years Jazzanova has also been touring internationally with a nine-piece-band, which now culminates in their newest release: „The Funkhaus Studio Sessions“ (Sonar Kollektiv – SK237CD, 2012). The album represents their exciting „live playlist“, a success from electronic-events like „Melt!“, or Pop-festivals like „Heineken Opener“ or „Flow“, to „North Sea Jazz“, „Capetown Jazz“ or „Java Jazz“. Played by the full band in the distinguished studios of the „Funkhaus Berlin Nalepastraße“ this brand-new production consists of originals spanning Jazzanova’s entire career: all new, updated and instrumentally re-imagined versions, from their groundbreaking „Fedime‘s Flight“, originally released in 1997, via legendary remixes and on to a taste of their score for the revue „Belle et Fou“, plus the very first recording of „I Human“, their fantastically soulful new theme-song – a statement with different meanings to different listeners.

Alex Barck’s rise to world wide fame was as a member of Jazzanova in the late 90’s. Also as the A&R manager at Berlin based label, Sonar Kollektiv, he was, and still is, responsible for some of the finest ever releases, spanning the horizons from soulful pop and witty dance music.
Besides that he runs 2 weekly radio shows on Radio Eins in Berlin and on Worldwide FM in Berlin.


Jan Kinčl is a Zagreb-born house and techno dj, producer, live act performer, radio dj, party promoter and label owner. After spending almost two decades in all this, it’s hard to scratch the surface of electronic music in Croatia without coming across something he’s been involved with.

Raised on music from the Motor City, Jan’s sound is an intertwined mixture of house and techno, unmistakeably rooted in the more organic and soulful side of things.

Over time, Jan’s forays into jazz became more frequent so in 2016 he started a live and studio collaboration project with a French keyboard player Regis Kattie. The pair quickly became one of the most prominent acts of Croatian music scene and their debut album, a deeply jazz-informed house record ’In Plain Sight’ got described as one of the most significant pieces of regional contemporary dance music; with Laurent Garnier, Alex Barck from Jazzanova, Volcov, Tony Humphries, Lefto, Claude Young and Kai Alce amongst the people supporting it.


Markus Tone is an Berlin-based DJ and founding member of the group BEATKOLLEKTIV. He is one of the co-initiators and organizers of WEDDING SOUL events.

Apart his DJing, Markus works as co-promoter. He has co-organized events with Sonar Kollektiv, Best Works, XJAZZ, JAW Family, Gretchen and collaborated with the Southern Soul Festival in Berlin.

Under the motto „soulful music we like“ he started the event series WEDDING SOUL (based in Berlin’s district Wedding) in 2012, with the aim of enriching Berlin’s music and club landscape with more soul and a wider range of soulful music offside the mainstream. The event- series has found much respect and attention both nationally and internationally. More than 60 shows were made, numerous national and international collaborateurs, artists, collectives and labels, like Aloha Got Soul, Mr Bongo, Wah Wah 45s took part in it.


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