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Live: Billy Meier (Space Jazz) & DJs: Falko Teichmann

Live: Billy Meier | 10.Oktober | Klunkerkranich

Young jazz group based in Oslo, Norway. Inspired by peace, love, space and ufo’s.

Billy Meier Playtime: 8-9 pm
DJs: Falko Teichmann & tba.

Extraterrestrial beings, unknown planets, mysterious creatures and wonderful nature. Billy Meier invites you to join their fictional universe and creates an exciting and distinctive concert experience.

The band name Billy Meier was brought up due to the band members common fascination of the life and theories of the Swiss citizen Eduard Albert „Billy“ Meier. His stories of being in contact with extraterrestrial beings and to have visit a planet called Erra, is the inspiration for the band’s concept. With this in
mind, the band has created their own fantasy world and makes music that grooves, has beautiful melodies, abstract soundscapes and a good dose of mystery. Jazz, Space Rock, New Wave, Improv, Psychedelia; their sound can be
tricky to define. But the band them selves refer to their music as Space Jazz.


» Billy Meier *live //
» Falko Teichmann