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Jazzy Berlin Take Over ≈ Up & Down ≈ Long Day Community Jam

Jazzy Berlin Take Over Klunkerkranich | 10. November 2019

Up & Down
Acoustic & Amped
Plugged & Unplugged


As the season closes slowly, we dedicate a day to Jazzy’s Rooftop Home and „Take Over“ the whole roof.

Meet us on the highest floor, for a cozy afternoon jam, in the Jazzy Salon, fully acoustic. Hinter den Alpen.

Later on – we move down – to bring back the olden days – Jazzy Berlin, Down to the Floor – in the middle. Yes!

Bring the heat! Bring the Community!
Let the Jam begin!

Finest tunes, dusty records and best selections for the in betweens, come from our diskjockeys, FCK VYNYL aka Anna Bolena, Ilo Pan, DJ Vai and DJ Lislbar.

Get ready.
Save the date!


Jazzy Berlin Bandstand & Community * Live
DJ Vai (Jazzy Berlin)
FCK VYNYL aka Anna Bolena (Buttons)
Ilo Pan (Dusty Ballroom)
Dj lislbar / 指の小屋 (bohemian drips.)

≈ Wohnzimmer & Hinter den Alpen ≈ 3-5€ ≈