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Eurovision 2022 Grand Finale

Enjoy the grand finale of the greatest show of the year EUROVISION with our live Screening in the Sky at Klunkerkranich!
Hosts and ESC obsessives Gieza Poke & Aurah Jendafaaq will guide you through the show with campy commentary, withering wit and all the background tea on your favourite (and least favourite!) songs of 2022. Our venue Hinter den Alpen at Klunkerkranich is like a cosy living room but bigger, with space for all your friends and a very well stocked bar!
Warm up for the finale with our ESC pre-show featuring live performances, test-your-knowledge Eurovision quiz and mini-games.
Follow us on IG for your chance to win queue-jump and get the best seats in the house! @giezapoke @aurah.jf @klunkerkranich
Gieza Poke
Aurah Jendafaaq
DJ Lazlorrobot
Miss Steak
Turkish Delight
Fistina Sprudel
Ruth Stoner
Chiqui Love
1800 Doors
1900 – 2045 Pre-screening quiz & shows
2100 ESC Grand Finale