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GIPFELTREFFEN w/ Modeplex & Robin Schellenberg

█ GIPFELTREFFEN w/ Modeplex & Robin Schellenberg
Klunkerkranich | Hinter Den Alpen Club
15.07.2022 | 21.00 to 02.00
█ II Act One
Modeplex (Purified, Harabe)
Modeplex is a DJ and techno producer from south Germany. Raised in a musical family, Dave, which is his real name, have always been surrounded by instruments, music and records. Therefore in his early twenties, he started doing events and getting in touch with promoters and bookers.
Modeplex has developed a very personal way to compose, where different musical genres and scenes are the perfect ingredients to give birth to a wholesome kind of techno and deep house.
He takes inspiration from life situations, events happened in his past or anticipated for his future and condenses all those emotions to experiment with different sounds and recordings. That’s the reason why he’s able to create songs that convey genuine feelings. Each track created by Modeplex has to have a deep sense of character and soul. That’s why he applies a vast number of ideas, emotions and algorithms to his creative process. He also recognize the importance of cooperations, given that there is a lot to learn and making music with other artists is more fun anyway.
Robin Schellenberg (Stil Vor Talent, Katermukke, Einmusika)
Describing the sound and sonics aesthetics of Robin Schellenberg’s music, one could tend easily to use bold buzzwords like „Melodic Techno“ or „Deep House“ – but there is something more to it: his productions oscillate effortless through a soft dystopian void full of sweeping build up’s: His tracks are drifting endlessly into an infinite sky, twisting from warm unisonos into harsher electronics, just to break down into well-tempered saturated up-tempo beats. It’s not Dark Techno by definition, but Robin often gets driven towards its aesthetic, without drifting into its cold industrial repetition. His tracks feel like a deep yearning for the horizon, pulling the dancer tenderly forward with soft melancholy. In his DJ-Set’s all of this falls into place, with tempi from 119 – 125 bpm, blending deep, dark and psychedelic elements into heavy sweeping bangers, to slowly lead the dance floor into a sweet and endless decay.
█ Music
Deep Melodic House & Techno
█ Latest release from Modeplex
Dizharmonia – „Panakeia“ (Modeplex Remix) @ Beyond Now
█ Latest release from Robin Schellenberg
„We Are All Hallucinating“ w/ VRuno @ Einmusika