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TROPICAL TIMEWARP w/ Suns of Dub (live), Ra Mava, Calamidades Lola, Bony Selektor, ISA GT, Somethingblack, Ràdio Djan Djan

Tropical Timewarp Takeover x Klunkerkranich on 2 Floors with a huge line up feat.:
>> Suns of Dub (USA/ Jamaica – live)
>> Ra Mava (South Africa)
>> Calamidades Lola (Berlin/ Colombia)
>> Bony Selektor (Berlin/ Mexico)
>> ISA GT (Berlin/ Mexico)
>> Somethingblack (South Africa)
>> Ràdio Djan Djan (Tropical Timewarp/ Berlin)
We’re more than happy to invite you to this very special afternoon, evening & night with our friends from across the globe – Prepare yourself for a tropical treatment as you can only find it at Tropical Timewarp Takeover x Klunkerkranich!
More Info soon!