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Konzert: The Germans from Germany / Carl Luis / Sigourney Skywalker

Konzert: The Germans From Germany | 29.August | Klunkerkranich

The Germans From Germany
Carl Luis

They are back!!! Und sie kommen ganz wahnsinnig exklusive exquisite auf das Dach :

The Germans from Germany are a Trio from -you guessed right- Vienna, Austria.
They seem to belong to a different time and age. They belong to the future and the future belongs to them and their silky phantasy-gospel.
Psychedelia and self irony snuggle up underneath the umbrella of wonk pop. It’s like musical fistfight between R Kelly and R Stevie Moore over the very R that spells Lover’s Rock.

Davor und danach gibt es noch eine weitere Reunion und zwar von Sigourney Skywalker und Carl Luis!!!!

Carl Luis

Sigourney Skywalker