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Kamai & Friends

Kamai Music & Friends | 06. September | Klunkerkranich

The new berliner label Kamai Music is back at Klunkerkranich and they will bring some great musician friends with them for their next party.
Electronic music with soul and roots. Blends of Africa, Latin, Brasilian and Oriental influences. Downtempo & organic.

*Blind Smith (live set)
*Helms (True Colors, Voltage Music)
*Intiche (live set / Tropical Twista Records, Deep Bali)
*Jackie Jackson
*Jacob Groening (Kamai Music, Rebellion der Träumer)
*Orhan Utan (Kamai Music)
*Zigan Aldi (Kamai Music, 3000 Grad)

Start at 4pm till….
Wohnzimmer & Hinter den Alpen