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Kamai & Friends | Xique-Xique, Madota, Zigan Aldi, KafaNar uvm.

Kamai Music & Friends | 01. November | Klunkerkranich

w/ Xique-Xique, Madota, Zigan Aldi, KafaNar *Live Set*, Jacob Groening, Orhan Bey, Kotoe

It´s becoming one the most exiting parties in the city. In the meantime the new Berlin label Kamai Music, is going into it´s 6th round with their “Kamai & Friends” party. The line-up includes this time a very exciting selection of new breaking artists and international djs and musicians. Down & midtempo full of groove and sounds from around the world is what you will get at “Kamai & Friends”. Two Floors and over 10 hours of finest music! Here is the menu for the night:

Line Up:

Xique-Xique music (Stil vor Talent / Underyourskin Records)



KafaNar aka Deniz Mahir Kartal *Live Set*

Zigan Aldi ( 3000Grad / Kamai Music)

Jacob Groening (Rebellion der Träumer, Voll Schön)

Orhan Bey