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Live: Bursting Blue Bone Bark & DJs

Live: Bursting Blue Bone Bark | 10.Juni | Klunkerkranich

Bursting Blue Bone Bark feat. Eric Mingus, Knox Chandler & Earl Harvin » » » at 8:30pm

» &wermuth von lislbar & wermuth
» Kid Dorado

We´re so excited to stage this:
“Bursting Blue Bone Bark” is the melding of two artists, Eric Mingus and Knox Chandler, brewing a stew of post apocalyptic urban blues. Their brotherhood spans several decades originating from Hal Willner’s themed concerts, in which
they performed with Lou Reed, Dr. John, Nick Cave, Laurie Anderson, David Byrne, Brian Ferry, U2 and many more… Mingus and Chandler combine song and poetry with organic infused electronics, blending styles steeped in a futuristic
sonic soup.


» Bursting Blue Bone Bark //
» &wermuth //
» Kid Dorado // no clouds