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DJ ONONiiONIONIION presents : International Pop Music ft.Arab!

It is the time for International Pop Music!
This month we future Arabic Pop, provided by an Arabic pop film director Ismail Al Abras! He has been through the scene for a long time. Lets dance with what he has seen through his life!

Also, this month thee will an Arabic Pop band! woo
Vocal : Razan Nassreddine
Guitar : Jean-Baptiste Moussarie
Qanun : Shingo Al Masuda
Percussion : Romeo Natur

Of course DJ ONONiiONIONIION will bring classic/unknown J-Pop on Vinyl woo! Lets dance together with the Pop music from these 2 sides of the world!

< Ismail Al Abras>
Director and a musician is a Berlin based and he has been through lyrics & composer for singers and did 100,s of video music and Art music . More about and in all social media .

aka Taishi Nagasaka, is a Berlin based classic J-Pop DJ/musician/Event organiser, who has been through world music,experimental music etc. Also he has his Psych J-Pop band called Jaguar No Me and experimental drum trigger band called, Cozmik Onion Express in Berlin. As a DJ, he brings Showa Kayo to Berlin (Classic J pop from Showa Era) on vinyls.