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Live: Sahad & The Nataal Patchwork & DJs

Live: Sahad and The Nataal Patchwork | 29.Juli | Klunkerkranich


Sahad and The Nataal Patchwork

Emblematic of the dynamic stage of Dakar, Sahad & The Nataal Patchwork embodies this new generation of uninhibited African artists who teams up every groove. Sahad and the Nataal Patchwork reflects a harvest of diverse musical influences, a wandering, a path of awakening, a bridge between different cultures. In his 10-year career, singer-guitarist Sahad Sarr has fashioned a burgeoning festive afro-fusion patchwork to spread his message with his distinctive voice. With its panorama of West African rhythms and the onslaught of a brass section roots, Sahad & the Nataal Patchwork celebrates the cosmopolitan richness of current African music.

Sahad and The Nataal Patchwork