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MYSTIC TALES ABOVE THE CLOUDS w/ Midas104 (live), Tvisker, Mona Pirzad, Seeleâ, Naicet & Corios

⋆✮★✩🎶 Mystic Tales at Klunkerkranich 🎶✩★✮⋆
Slowly but surely the summer is coming to an end and it’s time for the Mystic Family to hike to the top of mount Kranich again.
As always we will enjoy the beautiful view with a fine selection of mystic music. Let’s fly high with the birds and listen to the tunes of:
✮ Midas 104 *live (URSL)
✮ Tvisker (Mystic Tales, finster)
✮ Mona Pirzad (Mystic Tales / WUMANAS)
✮ Seeleâ (HuL, Mystic Tales)
✮ Naicet (Mystic Tales)
✮ Corios (Mystic Tales)
See you at the summit dear mystics!