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Italo Disco Italo Disco Italo Disco Italo

Private Records ITALO DISCO special. 2 floors


Licia (TIQ Berlin)
Neue K (TIQ Berlin)
Pietro (Italo Disco Legacy)
Jay (Private Records)
Frinda di Lanco (Dschungelliebe)
Coco Maria (I Dream Of Piranhas)
Chrisse Kunst (Stil Vor Talent)
Welcome To Rimini (Hamburg)
Agustin Noguera (

After the massive interest in Italo Disco and a whole Italo Disco LegacyEurope tour the original sound of the Italian 1980’s Dance scene get’s celebrated at Klunkerkranich on 2 floors. Additional influences with balearic and tropical vibes included.