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International Schlagers (Indonesia,Turkey,Japan) / LIVE: Jaguar No Me

DJ Ononiionioniion / Showa Kayo 60-80s Japanese Pop Vinyls
& ジャガーの眼 / Jaguar No Me & Klunkerkranich


A Night Of International Schlagers (Indonesia,Turkey,Japan)
in Wohnzimmer

Line Up:
ジャガーの眼 / Jaguar No Me (LIVE/Psych J Pop for Old People)
August In 2017, Taishi Nagasaka (Cozmik Onion Express,Fat White Family,DJ ONONiiONIONIION) started to write some songs for Fat White Family,which they were not used.But he really liked the tracks and didnt want to waste them,then he invited his close friend,Max Bauer from Isolation Berlin to make more.And berlin based Pino techer Miho joined on Drums,and Sachiko joined on Bass.Now Max left the band for his main band and Italian Sound Engineer Diego Ferri joined on guitar and key. Music are Psych Japanese Schlager in Denim.

DJs are playing a very rare selection by
<DJ çeri kunda (Turkey)>
<DJ Balthazar Conrad (Indonesia)>

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