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Feelings – Stella’s BDAY edition w. Emma Isabella, Mimi Melody

Leaning on a friendship that grew from their very similar record collections Stella Zekri and Emma Isabella regularly gets together to play their recent digs, old school jams, and classics. Disco, boogie, soul, funk, wave, house, smooth hiphop, jazz, and world-music – always on vinyl, and notoriously known for „letting loose behind the decks“

They both firmly stands behind the same message:

For this edition, Stella will be celebrating her Bday at midnight, and they decided to invite a third selector to join them behind the decks :

Mimi Melody
‚One half of Cool Beans, Mimi Melody is a Paris born, Berlin based DJ and illustrator.
Never one to be stereotyped, Mimi’s sets are an exploration of grooves and rhythms, rather than genre or style.
She has had the the privilege to play at some of Berlin’s favourite venues, including Griessmuehle, sameheads, chalet, sounds.
Expect a varied, energetic sound from start to finish.‘


Stella Zekri
Multitalent Stella Zekri works as a DJ and vocalist, seamlessly blending a wide spectrum of influences into soulful sets and performances.

Emma Isabella
Emma Isabella is a Swedish Berlin-based DJ, frequent guest host at Le Mellotron and Rinse France, and curator of Dear Dancers Disco Club.


Art work by Edoardo Lovati & Aga Bartosz