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Plattentresen – Celeste Mariposa / Jimmy Trash / Nesta

Plattentresen | 15. Dezember | Klunkerkranich

» CelesteMariposa (Lissabon / Portugal)
» Jimmy Trash (Trashfest)
» NESTA (PT/Berlin)

Wenn die Temperaturen in unseren Breitengraden nach unten tröpfeln, darf’s auf dem Plattenteller dann eben umso tropischer werden! Dazu haben wir heute drei Selektoren am Start, die uns quer durch die Afro-Groove Landschaft spielen! Die fantastischen Celeste Mariposa aus der portugiesischen Hauptstadt Lissabon, die „Berliner“ NESTA und Jimmy Trash besetzen unser Pult und spielen All Night Long! Es verspricht heiss zu werden!


» CelesteMariposa //
The CelesteMariposa project has one of the most complete Lusophone African music collections known.
The record collection includes historic albums but also many ultra-­‐rare author editions.
CelesteMariposa use cassettes, vinyl and CDs alike to construct a DJ set adaptable to either more contemplative atmospheres, packed clubs or festivals, thanks to Wilson Vilares background (as DJs) in underground techno and acid house portuguese scene.

» Jimmy Trash //
Jimmy Trash, creator of Trashfest, resident dj of Berlin’s Monarch and Klunkerkranich clubs, ex Analog Africa research assistant and one half of JIMOURNEY SOUND – spins hand-picked vinyl + rare mp3s – AFRO-ARAB-BRAZIL-NAWLINS SOUNDSYSTEM – old // new // heavy dance bangers.

» NESTA //
N.E.S.T.A., born in Aveiro (PT) and based in Berlin, music lover, record collector and half of the electrifying DJ duo Batuque Low Fi.
Overcoming time barriers and fully loaded with groove, his sets oscillate between soul and disco, funk and tropicalism, afrobeat and soca, jazz and hip hop, dub and funaná, coladera and highlife; always 100% analog and party mode on.