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Ciao, Piranha!

Ciao Piranhas!


After 3 years of being a radio show at Cashmere Radio I dream of Piranhas comes to an end to become something different.


A joyful good-bye reunion is what we have in mind. Friends and DJΒ΄s who were part of the whole thing are going to select beautiful sounds for us:

MalΓΊ Mujer – Calamidades L.O.L – Eli Pavel & Frinda di Lanco
Palo Santo Discos & David RileyDj NomadMad Lubi U-Bahn
Amuleto – Eck Echo EkekoSupa Star Soundsystem

πŸ¦€ LIVE the awesome samba sounds of A Panda do Sol πŸ¦€

Master of Ceremonies Montes Claros 34 (MC Sentimiento)


πŸ¦€Thank you everyone who supported the show all these years. πŸ¦€ Thanks to Cashmere Radio forever.

This show changed my life! Bis bald